4 CH Video UTP Transceiver, 4 x BNC Female to 1 x RJ45  (ALT-LTA2009)



The Balun 4 CH video transmitter/receiver allows you to connect 4 coax BNC video signals from CCTV cameras to a signal that can be transmitted with a single Cat 5 RJ45 cable up to 1200 feet. Two transceivers are needed per installation. One attaches to the BNC video outputs of the security cameras and the other connects to the video inputs on the surveillance DVR or video recorder. RJ45 Cat-5 cable is attached between the two units. These units do not require a power source. Save time and money running one cat-5 cable instead of RG59.



Type   * 4 CH Video UTP Transceiver- VIDEO BALUN/ BNC to RJ-45
Video   * Screw-mount
Connector Input   * RJ45 or Split CAT5 Cable
Output Connector   * up to 4 x Male BNC Connector
Dimension   * 5" (L) x 3" (W) x 1.20" (H)
Weight   * 0.35 lbs
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