The new ALC-Stronghold-MP/IR (Multi-Purpose Infrared) camera can be used as a backup camera on vehicles and vessels, and comes with a detachable Menu keypad that allows you to customize almost any setting and feature for optimum performance – and also allows you to mirror image or even flip the picture upside down if needed. 

We have jacked the resolution up to an incredible 700 lines (960H - SONY Super HAD II – Low Illumination model). Try to find another Mobile Infrared Camera that has anywhere near this resolution. 

We have also jacked up the Infrared Illumination with 24 Long-Life Infrared Chip Lights that gives you twice the illumination distance from our previous models. 

This Mobile Infrared Camera is perfectly designed for a wide range of automotive and industrial applications such as construction vehicles, truck and marine industry. The high grade 316 Stainless steel that we use to make this camera, is not only salt and rust resistant, but is also anti germ, so it can be safely used in the food processing industry as well. 

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