More customers are looking for a more affordable option when it comes to high definition security cameras or upgrading their existing system. Many of the professional systems that are currently available are very expensive, difficult to install and are usually only viable for bigger corporations. Some home and business owners are worrying about what to do with their already existing analog wiring from their old security camera systems. Luckily, there have been some newly emerging technologies like HD-TVI which is based on traditional coaxial cable for video and data transmission. This type of format allows for 720P / 1080P resolutions and offers consumers an economical solution to upgrade their existing surveillance systems.

HD-TVI advantages

Among current HD solutions, the distance of transmission, compatibility and cost are always problems for both manufacturers and users. Overall, HD-TVI technology can provide a more economical, easier to install and use solution for high definition analog surveillance system.

HD-TVI can convert digital signal to analog signal for expanding its transmission distance, lower total cost, reducing total video storage space. Through coaxial cable, the video transmission distance can reach up to 1500 feet without significant video quality loss. In addition, HD-TVI can transmit analog video signal with a resolution of 720P and 1080P at 30 frames per second. Simply by replacing existing analog cameras and DVRs with latest HD-TVI cameras and DVRs, users can upgrade their surveillance system to a brand new 1080P HD system. The best part is, that this upgrade doesn't require extra installation knowledge and is minimal in cost.

HD TVI really takes what’s great about having an analog system (great range and low storage space), and combines it with what’s great about a digital system (better picture quality and more features). The total cost is likely going to be less than other systems, once you factor in storage space. We’ve assembled a few pieces of HD-TVI technology that will enable you to easily upgrade your system whenever you’re ready for the switch:

Our Recommended HD-TVI DVR:

The ALD-T8308T-FT is a 8 channel TVI DVR compatible with your existing HD, Analog and IP Cameras. It is capable of recording video resolutions up to 720P / 1080P and data can be transmitted across your existing coaxial cable wiring. This DVR offers the option of recording data on any SATA hard drive up to 4 terabytes in size and the video compression format is in H.264. This is one of our most popular hybrid DVRs, considering that it is compatible with most existing surveillance systems at such an affordable price.

Main Features:

* H.264 & Dual-stream video compression,

* Support HD-TVI/Analog/IP camera triple hybrid,

* Full channel 1080P@ 12fps or 720P@ 30fps recording,

* HDMI and VGA output at up to 1920×1080P resolution,

* Long transmission distance over coax cable,

* Support up to 8ch synchronous playback

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Our Recommended HD-TVI Camera:

The ALC-TVI1080-B36 Indoor/Outdoor camera offers an amazing 2 Mega Pixel resolution at an extremely competitive price. It offers a 1080P video output resolution and data transmissions through coaxial cable which can reach up to 1500’. The low price, resolution and features like Infrared transmission (up to 60’) make this camera a perfect option for upgrading your existing surveillance systems.

Main Features:

* Sony IMX 222 HD quality sensorUsing 222 high performance image     processing chip, NVP2421 TX transmitting chip

* HD1080P Video Output

* Adopt HD-TVI Technology

* True Day/Night

* IR distance up to 20m (60 feet)

* 3.6mm 2 Mega Pixels Lens

* Coaxial cable transmission distance up to 500m

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In Review:

Although HD-TVI technology is still fairly new for surveillance systems, resolution improvements and the ease of installation prepares many consumers to upgrade. More DVRs are starting to offer hybrid support, which enables homes and businesses with the option of slowly converting their old systems to newer technology. Scalability should be considered for new system installs, but it is difficult to argue the technological and financial benefit of being able to use your existing coaxial wiring. In summary, the low price difference is worth the safety of your home and business by providing the highest quality possible.