(CDRFLD) Economy Bug Detector with Radio Frequency and Lens Finder
Are you worried that you may be being filmed or listened to without your knowledge? This wireless detector can detect hidden wired and wireless video (dead or alive) and has multiple alert modes, including audible alarms, LED lights, and vibration. It locates bugs on frequencies from 1 MHz to 6500 MHz, and has adjustable detecting sensitivity.
Radio frequency detectors are designed to detect wireless signals that are being transmitted within a certain frequency range. This unit detects 50MHz to 6.0GHz. Most surveillance equipment operates at 2.4GHz.
This professional-grade wireless signal sweeping device is a customer favorite and will be an invaluable tool for your bug sweeping needs.
Check homes and offices for wireless devices. Wireless transmitters vary in signal strength. Some are designed to transmit as far as three miles away while others can only be received one room away. Micro spy cams are designed to output at low signal strengths to make them more difficult to detect. In this case, the detector will need to be extra sensitive, and you may need to be nearly on top of the device. However, if the detector is too sensitive it will give false alarms and waste your time.

  • 1 RFLD detection device
  • 1 Set of earbuds
  • 1 Instruction booklet
  • 1 Power cord
  • Detects hidden video cameras, dead or alive
  • Wide range sweep for bugs from 1MHz-6500MHz.
  • Detects wired & wireless hidden video cameras
  • Silent alert vibration mode
  • Alarm alert mode
  • Silent LED alert mode
  • Instant auto-detecting function
  • Wide band RF bug detector with working frequency between 1MHz-6500MHz
  • Also sweeps and detects VHF, UHF, WiFi, Bluetooth and GSM bugs.
  • Small, light-weight, and portable.
  • Detecting sensitivity is adjustable
  • Built in Li-Ion Battery

Technical Specifications:
  • Detecting frequency range: 1MHz-6500 MHz.
  • Laser detecting range of wired cameras (self-shoot): 0.1-20 m
  • Detecting range of RF devices: 0.05-10m (subjected to the transmitting power of the RF device)
  • Viewing lens: IR filtered lens
  • Current consumption: 8 mA
  • Self-shoot detecting wavelength: 920 nm
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 65 x 48 x 15 mm
  • Battery: Internal Li-Ion- full charge will last up to 6 hours for the lens detector and up to 15 for the RF detect
  • Frequency: 0 - 6 GHz
  • Lower Frequency: 0 ~ 120 MHz
  • Higher Frequency: 149 MHz ~ 400 MHz
  • GSM: 900 MHz ~ 1900 MHz
  • Detectable Image Frequency: 200 MHz ~ 2400 MHz
  • Microwave Frequency: 2400 MHz ~ 6 GHz
  • Working Voltage: 3V (AAA x 2)
  • Working Current: Caution 8mA
  • Vibration: 70mA
  • Sensitivity: Max. 10 meters (depends on transmitter output)
  • Color: silver
  • Dimensions: 56 x 90 x 17 mm
  • Weight: 50g Gross
  • Weight 100g
  • Power Consumption: 2 AAA batteries, up to 4 hours of continuous use
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