CoviSec ALK-COVRJ11-8CH Samsung RJ-11e Conversion Kit, 8 CH DVR, Cables, Power Supply
For replacing systems with Samsung RJ-11e cabling only!
If you, like many of your peers, had the misfortune of buying an RJ-11 system from Samsung, likely you face a serious dilemma. Aside from the near-infinite variations of RJ-11 cabling preventing interoperability between the aforementioned manufacturers' systems, the death of the RJ-11 standard has left you with few replacement solutions. Sure, the system was easy to set up and easy to install, just like the sales rep at Sam's or Costco said, but now your SME-2220's monitor has gone on the fritz and you're having trouble finding a replacement.
Search no more! We here at CoviSec understand your plight, and have put together a package tailored to slot directly into your old setup. You will be able to use your current cameras without needing to replace your wiring! (NOTE: If the 2-way audio function of RJ-11 is essential to your current setup, you will need to replace your wiring. That's just the nature of the beast.) On top of that, you get a modern, Internet-capable, industry-standard DVR with BNC connections, so when its lifespan runs its course, all that's needed is to buy another BNC-compatible DVR!
Interested? Take a look at what our kit includes and call our store at 1-850-864-3325 to speak to a sales representative!
  • 1 8 CH professional DVR, with 8 BNC input channels;
  • 1 RCAM-BNCF adapter, to permit a BNC connection to a standard yellow TV RCA video input;
  • 8 PTBNC-101 adapters, for converting the RJ11 signal to BNC, at the DVR end; and
  • 1 5A power supply to push power to your cameras over the RJ-11 cable; and
  • 1 8 CH power splitter leads to run from your power supply box to the power ends of the PTBNC-101 adapters.
For replacing systems with Samsung RJ-11e cabling only!
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