CoviSec PTT-102VP 12v Passive Video Balun, Receive/Transmit A/V/P over UTP

Designed for transmitting audio, video, and power over a single CAT5 twisted pair cable. Lightweight and compact, simple installation. Sends video up to 1200 feet via inexpensive CAT5 twisted pair cable. Comes as a pair, one for camera, and another for DVR. Routes 12VDC/ 24VAC power via CAT5 cable.?ÿ

  • Product ID: PTT-102VP?ÿ
  • Material: Alloy and Plastic?ÿ
  • Package Included: A pair of CCTV Video Audio Power Balun Transceiver?ÿ
  • Impedance: Coax - 75 ohms, UTP/RJ45 - 100 ohms
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