GV-HOUSHB-BA Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera Housing with Heater/Blower

Factory Reconditioned

Includes Mounting Bracket!

This housing is designed as a medium sized environmental enclosure and can be ordered with or without heater and blower units. It can accommodate all CCD cameras with a length no greater that 9". Constructed of extruded aluminum and equipped with a hinged, latching cover this security camera housing is well served for general surveillance applications. Equipped with a removable sled the cameras can be set up, adjusted and then re-mounted in the housing. Heater/Blower assemblies are 24VAC, 10 VAC for compatibility with most 24VAC power supplies. The front cover hinge makes adjustment and service to the camera very accessible. Compatible with Samsung Security Cameras and other brands. Available without Heater/Blower.

  • Extruded Aluminum Construction
  • Includes Heater/Blower
  • Hinged Cover with lock receptacle
  • Easy Access with Front Cover Hinge
  • Gasket protected cover
  • Accommodates cameras with a maximum size of 9.45(L) x 4.13(W) x 3.15(H) inches.
  • IP 66 Rated ensures maximum protection against water, dust, heat and all the elements

  • Viewing Material: Plate Glass 5mm, 0.2"
  • Construction: Extruded Aluminum
  • Cable Entry: Gland fitting on bottom of housing
  • Latch: Located at rear of housing.
  • Accepts padlock for security
  • Camera Mounting: Removable camera sled
  • Heater: 24VAC Fan: 24VAC
  • Weight: 3.52 Kg, 7.76lbs
  • Dimensions: (D) 390mm, 15.35" X (W)140mm, 5.51" X (H) 115mm, 4.53"
  • Maximum Camera Size (D) 240mm, 9.45" X (W) 105mm, 4.13" X (H) 80mm, 3.15"
  • Heater/blower module: 24 Vac, less than 10 VA
  • Heater: ON = Less than 57F /OFF = More than 77F
  • Maximum current draw: 350 m
  • Average current draw: 250 mA Fan: ON = More than 104F /OFF = Less than 86F
  • Average current draw: 150 mA
  • Requires a 24V transformer, not included

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