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(SSC-17DC) Samsung Black and White Dome Camera


This camera includes internal synchronizing system, 330 TV lines horizontal and 350 lines vertical..


The SSC17DC is Compatible with our other Samsung Security systems such as the SSC-12, SSC-14WEB, SSC21WEB, SSC17, SSC-17WEB, SMO-210DN, SMO-151QN, and all teh Samsung systems that use RJ-11 connection. PLease note that while the camera is compatible with all the color systems, the SSC-17DC is a BW camera and your image will be a BW image.


  • Black and White Dome Camera, SSC17DC
  • Scanning System EIA standard: 525 lines, 30 frames/sec
  • Image Device Interline Transfer Hyper HAD CCD
  • Image Size 1/3" 270,000 pixels
  • No geometric distortion
  • Internal Synchronizing System
  • 2:1 interlace
  • 330 TV Lines Horizontal Resolution
  • Video Output level: VBS 1.0Vp-p (75 ohms,composite)
  • RJ11 input/output sockets
  • Min. Scene Illumination: 0.2 Lux
  • .45 Gamma Correction
  • Operating Temperature: 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Operating Humidity: Within 90% RH
  • DC 12V Power Requirement
  • Weight of the camera: .4 lbs.
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